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About Kardia

Are you experiencing difficulties, confusion, frustration, or loss of meaning? Work with me and find a new way to live.

Hello, I am Kardia. 

I am a bi-lingual (English/Mandarin), multicultural psychotherapist, psychological consultant, group facilitator, coach and communications professional. A member of the three most significant psychology and psychotherapy professional bodies in the UK - BACP, UKCP and BPS. I specialize in neuroscience-informed/evidence-based psychotherapy with a pluralistic, constructivist, relational and integrative (bio-psycho-social-eco) approach. I see and listen to humans as humans, not as your symptoms, diseases, diagnoses, states, issues, labels or problems, but as integral human beings with unique life circumstances. You and I are one human meeting another with openness in a safe and supportive setting.

For around 10 years in London from 2009-2018, I trained and worked as a psychotherapist, counsellor, and group facilitator at West London Centre for Counselling, Anchor Counselling, and MIND, the largest UK mental health charity organization, supporting the ethnically, culturally, religiously, and socially diverse local and international residents in the London boroughs of West Kensington, Fulham, Hammersmith, Hounslow, Hackney and City of London.

I founded Kardia College after relocating back to Taipei, providing 1-to-1 work in psychological consultation, counselling, coaching, psychoeducation and group training/workshops. 

My current clients include startup CEOs, international professionals, and adult cross-cultural family members who are experiencing internal struggles or confusion regarding the meaning of life/work, dealing with loss, past trauma and family history, and difficulties in adjusting their mood (anxiety, stress, depression), suffering from loneliness, and navigating cross-cultural family/relationship/child-rearing or gender/sex identity issues. Mandarin-speaking people who work and reside in London or other places in the UK, experiencing difficulties in their relationship/work due to cultural differences also work with me online to seek ways to adapt.

I value authenticity and work in a way that combines elements of psychological consultation, coaching, counselling and customized individual learning. My short-term, time-limited work is conducted in an online videoconferencing format via a fully secured P2P application used by medical and health professionals to ensure confidentiality (HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR compliant). One-click on any internet-connected device with a dedicated link will initiate the chat without installing anything. Users can stay anonymous and no data is stored.

Each client will go through one 1-1.5 hour assessment session to identify current key issues/state, then choose to begin (or not) a 12-weekly session process for 3 months to explore, learn and find new ways and insights to deal with the issues/state. The work can bring therapeutic effects but mainly involves exercise, learning, exploration, suggestions, homework, and method/tools/resource sharing. You will not go away empty-handed, unlike traditional therapy sessions in which you mostly talk about negative experiences for a listening ear to sort things out. In many ways, this is your personal interactive journey of learning and exploration to grow and find a new way to move on with your life.

Some of my clients choose to continue working with me on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for ongoing sessions for as long as it feels appropriate (sometimes for years) when they find it helpful for their lives, and that is totally welcome and up to you to discuss and choose when the initial 12-session work comes close to an end.

Before becoming a UK-qualified psychotherapist, I worked in Asia as a public relations and public affairs consultant for international corporates and organisations. In my previous career, I advanced from an entry-level junior staffer into a director and trusted advisor to C-Suite executives of various industries ranging from retail/FMCG, healthcare, technology, telecom, media, finance, cultural/creative industries etc. My roles also included leading, managing, coaching and training junior staff. Many clients find my international/corporate experience helpful as I can quickly understand where they are stuck in the differences between Eastern and Western cultures (or other cultures and/or immigrant 3rd cultures) while having a good grasp of issues they may face at work and in life.

Fees from the beginning of 2024:

  • Initial assessment fee (1-1.5 hours online): NTD$ 3500
  • Each session (50 minutes online) fee: NTD$ 2800

To book an initial assessment session, please press the button below and email me. I will strive to reply with an email within 24 hours to further discuss the way of work/payment terms, confirm time slots, and send you a detailed contract to clearly define our mutual rights and obligations.


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   *** I abide by the code of ethics of the above professional bodies.

Academic Qualifications

All of us are equal human beings at Kardia College.
You are free to express with authenticity and honesty, learn and explore without fearing judgement and criticism.

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